Posted: March 2nd, 2017

Short answer questions in Statistics Categories: General Questions

Categories: General Questions
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1 What is a mean? A median? A mode?

2 What is a frequency distribution?

3 What is a normal distribution?

4 What is the approximate probability that a data point will fall within one standard deviation of the mean of a normally distributed data set?

5 How does one begin to use Excel (or other comparable software) to calculate basic statistics on a set of input data?

6 How does one use Excel (or other comparable software) to calculate and display a scatter diagram?

7 What is linear regression? What is the difference between simple regression analysis and multiple regression analysis?

8 What is the most important concept in regression analysis?

9 What are the limitations of regression analysis?

10 What is linear programming? What are the two major types of linear programming problems?


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