Posted: October 17th, 2016

Sharing Information Analysis(s): This project involves exploratory primary research.

Sharing Information Analysis(s): This project involves exploratory primary research. You will use questions provided (SEE âSharing Interview Questionsâ) to interview individuals from different age groups about their online information sharing habits. I have done the interviews already and i will upload the transcripts here. the transcripts may look a little weird because i wrote exactly their words (everything!!) but i think its clear enough. I will upload the the full instructions in a word doc. but here are 2 important things must be followed ( these are also included in the uploaded instruction) *YOU MUST include course material, and use at least one theory, concept or model from the course when you try to explain behavior of those you interview. **You should use a few course readings, but do NOT include too many. **use at least one theory or model from the course (will upload the list of theories) **The outline should little detailed ( maybe just very short sentences because it must look like a summary of the paper) and i will appreciate if you send me the outline by early friday there are lots of course reading and the text book readings but you should use the ones that apply the most. use some of the readings in the analysis. If there are issues or if you find anything unclear please let me know. You can contact me sorry if there are lots of readings and a long instruction to follow, but please please follow the instruction very carefully

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