Posted: August 18th, 2015


Weighting/Value: 10%
Submission Date: In Week 5’s tutorial
You are to demonstrate your understanding of a selected set of services marketing
theories/concepts through the preparation of a service experience report detailing a service you
have experienced with links to (i.e., application of) relevant services marketing theories and
In your report, provide details of a specific service experience you have encountered (if
appropriate, provide details of the date, time and duration of the service experience, the driver
for its purchase and/or consumption, and other information that can help paint a clear picture of
the service experience for the reader), and demonstrate your understanding and comprehension
of services marketing concepts and theories via the appropriate application of relevant theories
and concepts in your analysis of that service experience, which could center around (but not
limited to) the following concepts:

The three-stage model of service consumption

Perceived risks involved in service consumption

Drama/theater metaphor

Expectancy-disconfirmation model of satisfaction

The flower of service model

Service quality (SERVQUAL) dimensions

Gaps model

Fishbone diagram

Pareto analysis/charts


Detailed break down of the monetary and non-monetary ‘costs’ associated with the

service consumption
Detailed analysis of any one of the seven marketing mix element pertaining to that
service experience

Your aim should be to achieve ‘depth’ in your analysis rather than ‘breadth’. That is, focus on
discussing only a limited number of concepts well and in detail, rather than make brief
references to many concepts.
Your report must be no more than four (4) pages in length (inclusive of all photos/
diagrams/tables and references), and should feature Times New Roman no smaller than size 12,
and ‘1.5 lines’ spacing.
You must submit your report electronically via the Turnitin link in Grade Centre in Blackboard, as
well as via hardcopy to your tutor, accompanied by a completed and signed Assignment Cover
Sheet AND a Turnitin originality report (with a similarity index of no greater than 10%).
Please refer to the attached assessment matrix for the assessment criteria by which your work
will be assessed.

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