Posted: April 8th, 2015



Developing this paper will provide you with the opportunity to synthesize the various aspects of management and leadership that you have been examining for the past few weeks and integrate that knowledge with a Christian worldview.

Use the Annotated Bibliography you developed in Module/Week 4 as the core of your work. You may have updated the list since that time. The paper will include the following components:

a. Consider your leadership style (determined in Module/Week 1) and how that influences your leadership perspective.
b. Discuss ethical and legal implications that could surface in a leadership role and how the Christian worldview influences possible decisions.
c. Include how the Christian worldview would influence team building and the approach you take with your team members and other disciplines.
d. Discuss how creating a culture of success is influenced by the Christian worldview.
e. Discuss what it means to you to be a servant leader.
f. Discuss how quality patient care and patient safety are influenced by the Christian worldview.
g. Consider your influence as a Christian role model for other members of the team.
h. Incorporate examples from your own practice as appropriate to provide examples to illustrate your points.
i. Follow current APA format for the development of a paper (including a title page and reference page).

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