Posted: May 5th, 2015

Sensor Paper

Sensor Paper

Order Description

For your research paper about sensors I expect you to follow the IEEE standard for writing your paper.

you can select switching sensors
or any type of sensor but not engine temperature sensors

You may have difficulty about the section names and length of the paper. I would like to see at least this sections in your papers:

1: Abstract

2: Introduction

3: [your sensor name] applications and specification

4: Conclusions

5: References

If you have more sections you can include them appropriatly.

Your paper should not be less than 4 pages.

The font, stylin and consistency with IEEE format is very important.

Your project reports should be in IEEE style. You can download the IEEE template from the link I provided below. You do not necessarily need to have all sections in your report, but the font, style should be the same as the IEEE format.

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