Posted: July 20th, 2016

If the seller fails to deliver the goods, the buyer may cancel the contract?

Question 1
One of the major advantages of a franchise system to a franchisor is the:
A. absence of state or federal regulations governing this form of business conduct.
B. ability to exert considerable control over retail outlets without major financial investment.
C. elimination of all corporate tax for such enterprises.
D. all of the above.

Question 2
If the seller fails to deliver the goods, the buyer may cancel the contract.

Question 3
Implied warranties imposed by law are absolute.

Question 4
The implied warranty of title differs from other warranties in that it protects buyers in their ownership of the goods bought.

Question 5
If a third person pays a debt to the principal s agent that the third person owed the principal, the debt is discharged, even if the agent pockets the money and does not turn it over to the principal.

Question 6
The agent may not commingle the principal s property with her own.

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