Posted: March 11th, 2016

Self-Esteem and Substance Abuse Recovery (Literature Review)

ter on. Discussion on my hypothesis:
After narrowing focus, my research question came to,” Would people who recall, or recognize(remember) past successes and positive atchivements, and therefore gain higher self esteem be more optimistic to succeed in substance abuse recovery?

My question came out of the idea that, when clients are going through inpatient substance abuse therapy/recovery remember or recall their past positive experiences and success stories, their self esteem will increase. Positive view of self will promote stronger believe to succeed in recovery. positive change of memory take place, then the urgency (acting in the presence of a strong positive mood) will decrease the association of alcohol and alcohol consumption.

Substance abuse inpatient clients, when recall past successes, and therefore gain higher self esteem will be more optimistic to succeed in recovery.

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