Posted: May 27th, 2015

Securing Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Systems

Securing Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Systems

Project description

In 2003, the Government Accountability Office made numerous recommendations related to information sharing, particularly as they relate to fulfilling DHS”s critical infrastructure protection responsibilities. Although improvements have been made, more efforts are needed. Review the GAO”s 2003 “Homeland Security: Information Sharing Responsibilities, Challenges, and Key Management Issues” article from your studies in this unit.

This paradigm of information sharing and security creates an enigma. Sharing information requires trust and openness; however, there is a continued emphasis in critical infrastructure circles to secure information. Furthermore, awareness is an essential ingredient to addressing potential vulnerabilities and building resiliency.

Provide your perspectives on this contradiction. Support your perspectives with researched case studies and resources for why or why not we should secure or share information. Be sure to provide proper APA citations and references for your resources. Be sure to address the following three objectives as part of your position paper:
Identify public and private sector best practices for securing critical infrastructure and cyber systems.
Assess best practices for securing cyber space as critical infrastructure.
Evaluate the roles of local government, state government, and the private sector in securing critical infrastructure.

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