Posted: June 3rd, 2016

the second project is the ladies club. this club will be for ladies only.

the second project is the ladies club. this club will be for ladies only. the trainers will be ladies only. there will be private indoor arena. please find the size of the indoor that fits 25 horses. they will be divided into 5 groups in each group there will 5 ladies with one trainer. the lesson will be for 45 minutes – 1 hour. they will have 3 lessons per week. the fees per month is 2000 QR. the working hours is 4 hours. also find the cost for this project and find the revenue if we have 200-300 ladies and what are the requirements if we want to increase the member to 500? how many members we need to reach breakeven point ? and please add what you see is required
the third project is leisure riding, this will be for people from 18 and above. what are the requirement if we want to have 600 members. how many trainers we need ? how many horses we need ? how many grooms we need ? what will be the operation cost ? each member will have 3 riding lessons per week. the facilities we need for this project ?

The fourth project is to have rental stables for the public. If we have 50 stables for rent ? and the monthly cost 3000, and what we offer is the training facilities and canter track. what else we can provide ?please show expected revenue out of this project

the last project is shop which sells equestrian equipment. imagine if we have all members buying their equipment from this shop ? and the public who rented the stables buying the shaving and the horses feed from the store ? please show expected cost and revenue

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