Posted: August 30th, 2016

The rule that a Terry stop must be concluded very quickly is known as the?

1. In Davis v. Mississippi and in Hayes v. Florida the Supreme Court held that the police violated the Fourth Amendment rights of persons who were detained in order to obtain ________________
2. The term _______________ describes the process of administrative steps that occur in the police station after a person has been arrested.
3. A police officer may, as a general rule, arrest a person for a misdemeanor when the crime occurs ______________________________.
4. A search of an arrested person made contemporaneously with the arrest is a search _____________ to arrest.
5. The ___________ ______________ rule authorizes a police officer who arrested a person in a premises to look into other rooms without a warrant to see if another person is present.
6. The ___________ ______________ rule allows police to thoroughly search a person who is to be placed in a police lockup or jail.
7. The rule that a Terry stop must be concluded very quickly is known as the ________________ requirement.
8. The Minneapolis experiment in 1984 and the replication experiments were designed to determine if arrest had a/an ______________ _______________ on domestic violence.
9. The Supreme Court has upheld the warrantless and mildly forcible taking of _________________ evidence of serious crimes that might disappear if the police had to wait to obtain a search warrant.

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