Posted: November 28th, 2016

What role did the population of Brazil play in changing Paragomias from a logging town to a site of environmental protection?

Duncan, Emma. All creatures great and small. The Economist Sep 14, 2013; Vol. 408 (8853): 3. Accessed at­biodiversity­once­preoccupation­scientists­and­greens­has­become­mainstream on August 16, 2016. And Brazilâ s conversion: Trees of knowledge. The Economist Sep 14, 2013; Vol. 408 (8853): 13. Accessed at­report/21585096­how­brazil­usingeducation­technology­and­politics­save­its­rainforest­trees, on August 16, 2016. discuss the following: â ¢Why did the Paragominas support their mayor? Address the following in your answer: â ¢What level of biodiversity does the Brazilian Amazon support? â ¢What is deforestation and why is it practiced? â ¢How does deforestation affect the Brazilian Amazon? â ¢What is the history behind the fight against deforestation? Who spoke out against it? What role did the population of Brazil play in changing Paragomias from a logging town to a site of environmental protection? â ¢What role did the Brazilian federal environmental police play and how were they appointed initially? â ¢How do education and technology play a role in reducing deforestation in Brazil?

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