Posted: September 8th, 2015

Role of diversity in Planning for Professional Development


Orange County Public School Orlando, FL

Post your responses to the steps in the “Model for Planning Results–Based Professional Learning” and note in which steps of the process it is particularly important to consider the diversity of the school community.

In preparation for future course assignments, rate a school’s current professional development practices compared to the “Model for Planning Results–Based Professional Learning” in this week’s Becoming a Learning School required reading.
In your Discussion post you will share the insights you gained by rating this school against this planning model with your Walden colleagues. You will also discuss your understanding of the role diversity plays in meeting the professional development needs of the school.


PART 1: To what degree does the school engage in the following steps that lead to results-based professional learning?

Step 1: Analyze student learning needs.
Step 2: Identify characteristics of community, district, school, department, and staff.
Step 3: Develop improvement goals and specific student outcomes.
Step 4: Identify educator learning needs.
Step 5: Study the research for specific professional learning programs, strategies, or interventions.
Step 6: Plan intervention, implementation, and evaluation.
Step 7: Implement, sustain, and evaluate the professional development intervention.
PART 2: How can you use the information about diversity and leading diverse organizations to guide your work in planning professional development?

In which steps of the process is it particularly important to consider the diversity of the school community?


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