Posted: August 4th, 2016

What role does media play in the making of public policy?

What role does media play in the making of public policy? The following links provide additional information about this issue. The first two links offer perspectives about media bias. The second links provide examples of news that represents the interests of those on either end of the political spectrum. First, using facts and informed opinion, try to convince us that the media has a liberal bias. Next, make an equally convincing argument about conservative bias.Three hundred of the largest global corporation hold about 25% of the world s productive assets while in the U.S.., revenues of the top 500 cororation equal about 60% of the annual GDP> Some would call this concentrated control of production and commerce by large corporation almost democratic, compared to present day concentration of personal wealth. The net worth of the top 1% of individual Americans now equals the net worth of the bottom 95%. Does the high degree of effective control of the world economy by the corporate tribe, along with the extreme concentration of of personal wealth in the United States in the hand of the same individuals who control the largest corporations, means that the Sher Anti Trust Act and the Clayton Act havr been failures?

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