Posted: March 17th, 2017

What role does the concept of development play in maintaining the power hierarchy?

Each student is required to post a minimum of THREE FULL paragraphs to their blackboard discussion group with their critique of the reading for each day readings are assigned. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, at least one sentence with evidence to support the topic, and a concluding or transition sentence. The post should focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the readings (explainingwhy they are helpful, informative, or uninformative), how each reading relates to the theoretical or other issues that have been examined in earlier readings and discussions, or documentaries, critical questions that are raised (in terms of theory, policy, your own experience, or future research) and other issues you feel are important.

I There is an editor’s introduction followed by the two chapters. Here are few things to look out for when you read –

  • What is a global city?
  • The politics between the cities
  • How does institutions like IMF and World bank play a role in reinforcing power hierarchy between countries of global North (Here first world) and global South (as third world)
  • What role does the concept of development play in maintaining the power hierarchy?

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