Posted: April 8th, 2015

Review report of psychological state of consumer behaviour

Review report of psychological state of consumer behaviour

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This assignment is related to the Consumer Behavior subject. It is about writing a report related to the Psychological State of Consumer Behavior. Students are required to choose one of the 5 psychological states mentioned below in the outline (check Assignment PDF), and to find 5 journal articles about that psychological factor in a specific sector. For example, if a student chooses Emotion in Hospitality industry then all 5 journal articles must cover this factor in this particular sector.

Addresses learning outcome(s):
2. Demonstrate how knowledge of consumer behaviour concepts can be used to develop superior marketing
practices and managerial capabilities;
3. Develop an in-depth understanding about the relevance of consumer behaviour for marketing professionals,
practitioners and organisations;
4. Develop capabilities to analyse recent trends in consumer behaviour and apply them to various business
5. Demonstrate how various communication tools affecting consumers and their impact on the behaviours of
Related graduate attribute(s):
Each student will be required to write a report related to the psychological state of consumers’ which influences to
behave differently from one consumer to another. Students are requested to download at least 5 articles from the
different Journals (see journal list, in additional unit resources) related to any (ONE) of the following field of interests.
Consumer attitude
Personality and or lifestyle
Learning and or memory
An individual student will be required to read and write a detailed review report of the articles during the semester. The
students are required to identify the main issues in the articles and relate it to specific relevant consumer behaviour
area and comment on the implications of the findings for developing a strategy to manage consumers. In particular,
students are expected to focus and summarise on the following in their report:

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