Posted: April 21st, 2016

what is your response to the question Feldmann poses above?

This is some one’s discussion. like this i want just 6 or 7 sentence. Read Discovering the Truth: The Operation of Ethos in Anti-Smoking Advertising, by Rebecca Feldmann, on pp. 678–685 in your text. In this essay, Feldmann dissects the way the Truth antismoking campaign has achieved results by appealing to a teenage audience’s need for independence and rebellion. She notes that the campaign’s strategy has encouraged teens to stand up against the smoking industry. By accepting Truth’s agenda, however, Feldmann asks, “how is the advertising strategy of the Truth campaign that different from the deceiving strategies employed by tobacco advertising?” (p. 683).

On YouTube or through an Internet search, find the Truth website and some of its antismoking videos. After learning more about the organization and viewing some of its ads, what is your response to the question Feldmann poses above?

Here is some one ‘s discusion. The Truth ads differ from the tobacco advertising because mainly they stick to truth and facts. Some facts that Rebecca Feldmann points out in Discovering the Truth: The operation of Ethos in Anti-Smoking Advertising, such as “About 1 out of every 5 deaths in the US can be attributed to tobacco products” or “Every day about 2000 youths become daily smokers”. The advertising strategy of the tobacco company uses a manipulative approach. They feature cool character like cowboys or good looking girls, people having fun, or slogans such as Be Kool. In my research I even happen to come by an ad that features Santa Clause holding a cigarette. The Truths campaign crew will make commercials out in public, sometimes in front of tobacco corporate buildings with hundreds of body bags on the ground. Just like in the name the the Truth Campaign is all truth, they open up to their audience by throwing out major facts and stats and hope to scare a few smokers into quitting.

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