Posted: November 29th, 2015

Research Paper on King Henry VIII Divorce

We are reading a book called “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel I wanted to research the history of “DIVORCE” how in the early years it was used mostly by men to put away their spouse for various reasons but in the modern era women are now using divorce to escape abusive marriage. This wasn’t always a popular for women to do in the earilier years of divorce. Then somehow tie in the divorce that King Henry wanted even though it was not originally support by the Cathlotic Church. After this divorce seem to become more popular among men. Not sure about the Thesis Statement, I’m sure you can think of something.

Your research paper will be on a topic of your choosing, but selected from some aspect of Woolf Hall. Your paper will be typed, stapled, and be at least 6 pages in length. You should consult at least 3-4 secondary sources to support your argument. You should write an outline with your paper, a bibliography, and annotated bibliography. Use the MLA style of documentation and follow margin rules.

Write a bibliography of all books that you have researched and consulted using the MLA style of documentation. Under the bibliography of each text go two spaces down and provide an annotation of the part of the text that you will be using and explain its relevance to the topic especially to your thesis. It is important that you put some thought into this prospectus. If you need extra time, email me, but make sure that you investigate the topic seriously and not going onto Facebook or YouTube to find your answers. Some of you have been consistently doing that and I have not cut any points, but for this research paper, I will not grade it if I find such weak documentation. Please take this seriously and let me know how you are doing on this.

The purpose of the prospectus is to plan your paper, know where you are going with your sources, the purpose, and a general idea of what you plan to do with the paper. Begin with a thesis on your topic and explain how you will use this thesis. That is, which sources will you select and how will they support your thesis. You will also submit an annotated bibliography which will narrow down what aspect of the texts you will be using and why. All the information should respond to your thesis. What will this bring to your essay? How do these sources relate to your topic? Write some questions for yourself that you plan to answer, but make sure you do not quickly look up synopsis on the Internet to get quick answers. Some of you have been doing that, but a research paper will fall flat if you continue that pattern. I will also not grade any paper where I see that a student has not given much thought to the topic. Find some arguments that you will investigate, but read enough texts to arrive at this point.

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