Posted: November 10th, 2015

Research Paper

Research Paper

Exercise 2

Investigate, research, and write-up a three-page analysis of an article

about strategy reflected in action from a different article than used in Exercise

1.  Describe how an organization’s vision and objectives are indicated in its

actions.  Is there any connection between vision and objectives and action?

Think-out-of-the-box–are organizations just doing things or is there a purpose, a

plan of action, or a perspective that action is intended on fulfilling?  Again

provide citation of the article but NOT a copy of the article.

Exercise 3

Conduct a thorough book analysis using one of the recommended candidate

books.  What I want from you is a summarized report by chapter of what the author

(s) said in the book. Did the author(s) communicate their ideas very well?  Do you

believe that the ideas presented in your chosen book will impact you and your

future place of employment? Do you believe that the book is too fluffy (i.e., not

containing many concrete ideas or examples) or too stringent (i.e., too rigid in

their ideas that the book seems preachy or arrogant).  I would like your analysis

to be at least five-to-seven pages in length.  The recommended candidate books are

just that—a recommendation.

Exercise 4

Based on your analysis in Exercise 3, you should have a good

understanding of what the strategy, leadership or management book was about, who

the intended audience was, and the implications the book suggested or provided.

That being said, I am asking you to compare and contrast what was in the book you

read to what was (or will be) taught in course.  First, tell me the

three most important strategic issues that you see in the book that are relevant in

MGT 449 course.  Second, tell me why these issues are important for a firm, and

you, today.  Forecast what would happen to an organization if these issues were not

addressed and resolved by the average firm or person.  Finally, how do these issues

relate to concepts discussed in other classes you have attended in the NMSU College

of Business?  Do you think the issues identified in your book are generalizable to

all firms like profit, public, non-profit, and governmental agencies?  Why or why

not?  What surprised you in this book and why?  Your response to this exercise

should be between seven-to-ten pages in length.


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