Posted: August 7th, 2015

Research Essay

Research Essay

Question: How did sexual liberation movements in Australia in 1960s and 1970s impact on women’s or men’s experiences (heterosexual or gay/lesbian)? In what ways can the late 1960s and 1970s be described as an era of sexual permissiveness (freedom)? (can touch on mens sexual experiences too, but mainly focus on heterosexual women)

The essay must be fully documented using footnoting and bibliographical conventions as set out in the ‘Academic Referencing Module’ (ARM) and ‘Academic Referencing Tool’ (ART) available on LMS (Moodle).
Links are: and

The previous historiographical essay acts as a precursor to this essay

See Grading Criteria Grid, p.20 of this Learning Guide You will be assessed on:
You will be assessed on:
? Inquiry/Research o The strength of your primary research
? Critical thinking o Your ability to interpret and analyse your research findings
? Creative problem-solving o the strength and coherence of your argument, supported by evidence
? Continuity and Change; Time and Context
? Ethical and Cultural Awareness
? Writing o The clarity and eloquence of expression

The Research essay must include:
? An introduction
? a brief historiographical review of how your topic has been written about by historians (this can incorporate rewritten/reworked/edited material from your literature review essay)
? Interpretation and analysis of your primary research
? analysis of how your research compares to existing research (does it support, challenge, extend work by other historians?)
? a conclusion

Intended Learning Outcomes
? To be able to conduct secondary and primary research independently
? To be able to identify and assimilate primary and secondary sources to frame a narrative and line of argument about an aspect of the past
? To be able to investigate a small historical topic and produce an original historical work, writing a sustained historical argument or narrative
? To be able to situate in time and context, analysing continuity and change
? Be able to identify and analyse the impact of difference — such as class, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, age and geographical location — on the regulation or experience of sexuality.

The subject assessment is primarily based around an in-depth research project (individual, pair or group) worth 85% on the history of sexuality in Australia from 1880s-1970s on a selected topic. Your research project needs to be based on secondary reading and primary research.

Research Project: Primary Resources
As well as thinking about what topic and time period you are interested in, consider:
? whether you are interested in people’s experiences and/or regulation/policing and/or representation.
? what sources you are most interested in using:
o Newspapers o Parliamentary Inquiries, Reports and Royal Commissions
o Sexology and sex education booklets
o Law Reports o Divorce Reports
o Novels and Films o Diaries and letters
o Magazines (eg Australian Women’s Weekly, New Idea)
o Tabloid Press: Truth, Sun, Herald
o Court records (infanticide, carnal knowledge, sexual assault, abortion, divorce, sodomy, prostitution)

10 sources:
? 6-7 primary resources
? 3-4 secondary resources for context

Can you please specify how many primary and secondary resources you use and which ones are primary and secondary

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