Posted: July 22nd, 2015

Research and Analysis Business Problems – Nordstrom, Inc.

1.) Is the problem you describe actually a problem, is it supported by data that you have collected, and is it important to the organization?

2.) Have you exhaustively generated a creative set of possible solutions?

3.) Will the solution you propose effectively address the problem, and have you chosen that solution using effective and proven decision-making techniques?

4.) Have you made a convincing, evidence-based argument for you choice?

5.) Will an allocation of corporate resources achieve the benefits you describe?

aYour report should convince the decision-maker that the solution you recommend can improve the firm’s multiple bottom line and is worth pursuing.


Ø Double-spaced and one-sided

Ø 12 point Times New Roman for body copy

Ø 14 point Arial Bold for major headings

Ø The term paper should be at least 10 pages long, not counting the Table of Contents, the bibliography page, and any appendices, and no longer than 25 pages. And, if you fill the paper with charts and diagrams, make sure you have ten pages of text.

Ø You are expected to follow MLA style guidelines for all citations in the text and on your bibliography page.

Ø Long-winded paragraphs that cover multiple topics or ramble tend to score very poorly. Use bullet points and numbering to draw attention to lists of important items. Make sure that your formatting style, organizational approach, and level of detail are consistent throughout the report. Use a formal tone appropriate for business documents. Be consistent with use of tense and person. When presenting numerical data, use appropriate guidelines to present your data effectively.


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