Posted: August 23rd, 2016

What are the requirements for a Consent search?

1. Define a Frisk and give its purpose. 2. When is a frisk permitted? 3. What may be seized during a frisk? 4. What s the importance of the Dickerson case with regards to frisk law? 5. What s contraband? Give an example. 6. What s Texas counterpart to the 4TH Amendment? 7. What protections does the 4TH Amendment give us? 8. Define a Search Incident to an Arrest and give its purpose. 9. What s the difference between a Search Incident to an Arrest and a Frisk? 10. When must you conduct your search incident to an arrest? 11. What s the importance of the Katz case to 4TH Amendment Law? 12. What categories of items can you search for and give an example of each. 13. What are the requirements for a Consent search?14. What are the requirements for a search under the Vehicle exception ? 15. What are the elements for a Plain View Search? Give an example. 16. What s my NUMBER ONE RULE? 17. What s a Search Warrant and how do you get one? 18. How many days do you have to conduct the search under the search warrant in Texas? 19. What s the Exclusionary Rule and what s an exception to its application? 20. What s The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Rule? Give an example. 21. What is Civil Liability ? 22. What criminal liability does a peace officer face? 23. What s acting under color of law mean and what s its significance? 24. What s the significance of the Tennessee v. Garner case with regard to the use of force? 25. What is Qualified Immunity and when is a peace officer entitled to it?

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