Posted: February 1st, 2017

You are required to do a risk assessment involving hazard identification with risk estimates combined with risk reduction

Practical Exercise: 1 (40 marks) Subject Risk assessment exercise on a typical long distance conveyer for transporting newly mined coal away from the coal face Objective To gain basic experience with the risk assessment and risk reduction procedures as described in chapter 3 of the course manual and as required by EN ISO 14121 and AS 4024.1301 Relevance All machinery safety projects should be subjected to this type of procedure. Provides a simple practice routine. This example is typical and it makes use of: A. Hazards checklist from both of the above standards. B. The risk scoring system advocated by PILZ and by Proctor machine Guarding. C. An Excel spreadsheet format based on the software tool issued by Proctor and demonstrated during the training course. Starting Information: Suppose you are the designer for an underground conveyor installation that is to transport raw coal in lumped and crushed forms and all debris from a coal cutting area over a distance of more than 1000 metres to a large receiving bin. The conveyor is to be installed in a tunnel that has an adjacent walkway for persons to access the coal face. The tunnel section has a 1 in 10 gradient from the input up to the receiving bin. The conveyor will be run at a height of 1.0 meters above ground with the returning belt being at 0.3 meters above ground. Crossover bridges or underpasses will be provided where necessary for persons. No vehicle crossovers are needed. There will be an elevated section at the delivery end of the conveyor to discharge into receiving bin for the elevator. The conveyor will be constructed as a woven steel mesh with rubber covering and will be tensioned by a hydraulic tensioning unit under automatic control. Conveyor has an indirect drive with a fluid coupling. The drive will be interlocked with the receiving hopper to avoid delivery when the hopper is full. Operations will be supervised from the area remote control panel. Assume normal occupancy of the conveyor area is 4 persons close enough for harm once per hour. In the general area assume up to 10 persons may be present once per hour.

1) You are required to do a risk assessment involving hazard identification with risk estimates combined with risk reduction

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