Posted: January 4th, 2017

You are required to label the components of two different diagrams of DJ set ups.

Scenario You have been asked by DJ Mag to write an article about DJing in both the traditional and digital domains. They have asked for some annotated diagrams along with some writing about what each component is used for, equipment that could be used and what features the equipment has and how these are used in performance. Task 1   1. You are required to label the components of two different diagrams of DJ set ups. The first will be based on a traditional DJ setup; the second is based on a typical digital DJ setup. You should provide an explanation of what each component is used for  (e.g media playback, setting levels, hardware control, monitoring). You can elaborate by talking about the usefulness and practical application of different features (e.g looping; built-in FX; multiple media devices, e.g joint CD and USB playback; DJ controllers; digital vinyl systems, e.g Traktor, Serato)  2. You are required to label and explain the features of the following pieces of DJ equipment, exploring how the features are used in performance  A CD Deck (e.g pitch control, platter, looping features, FX, start/stop)  A mixer (e.g crossfader, up-fader, EQ, monitoring, FX, inputs/outputs, panning, switches In order to achieve higher grades you should assess the set-ups used by a DJ and how equipment functions and how useful features are. Distinctions will be awarded to students who ’critically comment’ on the DJ equipment, for example comparing makes and models, mentioning the shortcomings or benefits of various makes.

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