Posted: May 16th, 2015

Relocate a Digital Media Agency Project

Relocate a Digital Media Agency Project

1. Note the project?s completion date ? this is your assessment deadline

2. Estimate the duration for each task in the schedule below ? days or hours

3. Total your tasks? durations and decide on a project commencement date that will enable your project to finish on time.

4. Create an MS Project file called ?Office Relocation? and enter the data.

5. Create a project for each of the project?s sub projects.

6. Enter the tasks and their durations for each sub project. Do not enter the start and finish dates ? this can be adjusted later after you have reviewed the overall plan.

7. Select all sub projects and tasks and establish dependencies between tasks.

8. You can click on a task?s box in the Gantt chart and adjust the position of the task to change its start date.

9. Create the Gantt chart and highlight the Critical Path using the appropriate tool from the Menu bar.

10. Identify and name the resources that should be linked to the project given the conditions.

11. Identify the milestones such as meetings, sub-project deadlines and show these on the Gantt Chart.

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