Posted: August 17th, 2015

reflective essay

reflective essay

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the subject name is services and relationship marketing, it is a reflective essay assessment , in which we suppose to choose an business organisation with which we r familiar ( I request you to take any organisation from AUSTRALIA, and mention the NAME of that ORGANISATION as well)
and in the assessment description word limit they demanded is 1000 words, but as per my payment you can do approx. 825 words.

read all the following assessment description each and every step then do this assessment,  cover every part of the description.and dont forget to make flow chart.

Here is the detailed description of the assessment.

Reflective Essay
Choose a real-life service organisation that you are familiar with. You need to inform your lecturer of your choice by end of week 3.
Prepare a flowchart of the back-stage as well as the front-stage operations of this business.
Using this flowchart, explain the significance of the service encounter, and its managerial implications. The written component of the essay should not exceed 1200 words (12 font, Arial or Times New Roman single spaced)
1. Flowchart
Front stage
2. Explanation of significance of the service encounter
3. Analysis of managerial implications
4. Essay format & presentation

this assignment worth total 15 % and i request you to make sure it will not be plagiarized and I trust you guys.

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