Posted: April 10th, 2015

Reflection #3

Reflection #3

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HDL 670—Reflection #3 (lifespan exercise)
As we continue to focus on self-awareness and diversity, I would like for you to create a life-span journal in chronological order that highlights significant events that have impacted your worldview and cultural perspective starting from birth until now. Please type this assignment in chronological order and color-code the category of the event. This reflection should be longer than most other reflections due to the depth of events that should be covered during the lifespan.
Categories to include (can include others):
• Family events—red
• Relationship events—blue
• School/academic events–orange
• Career events—yellow
• Religious/spiritual events—green
• Challenging events—purple
Please give a short narrative about how the event shaped your life and your cultural perspective. Suggestions of events/moments that you could include:
• Moments that made you proud
• Moments of resiliency
• Moments of great learning/wisdom
• Moments of joy
• Moments of hurt/disappointment

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