Posted: June 13th, 2015

Read the book": The Next Economy and America's Future” by Robert Reich"

Read the book”: The Next Economy and America’s Future” by Robert Reich

A) Explain what Reich means by “Aftershock”
.B) What are the similarities & dissimilarities between the “Great Depression” and the “Great Recession”?
.C) Figure out what are some 2 more big concepts in this book and explain them in detail. Other students could come up with a different couple of “big concepts.”
.D) According to Reich, what is the main cause of the ‘Great Recession” as well as of the “Great Depression”? Discuss.
.E) If you disagree with any of Reich’s statements, mention them (no more than 2 statements) and explain WHY you disagree.
.F) If you agree with any of Reich’s statements, mention (no more than 2) and explain WHY you agree.
.G) What remedies Reich proposes? Do these remedies make sense in light of the cause of the “Great Recession” as claimed by Reich (i.e. is he consistent here)?.
.H) The paper should be 11 pages long

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