Posted: March 7th, 2016

The Radiographer of the 21st Century’

The Radiographer of the 21st Century’


Imagine you have been invited by the editor of “Radiography” to write a short review article relating to the ‘The Radiographer of the 21st Century’

It is accepted that this area is vast BUT there have been so many changes / advancements / developments over recent years that you now have the opportunity to research, discuss, evaluate and assess these. You should start by researching the role of the radiographer / radiography profession in the past and the present and finally attempt to identify further advancements / changes to the future role based on research evidence.

The article should contain NO MORE than 3500 words and should follow the journal publication guidelines for a review article. You should consider the readership of the journal and write appropriately


1. Obtain a recent (2015/2016) copy of the ‘Radiography’ journal’s guidelines for publication which requires you to Reference using the Vancouver / Numerical Reference method ACCESSED FROM .

2. Using the publication structure outlined in the guidelines, submit the review article.
3. The maximum word limit is 3500 words.

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