Posted: April 1st, 2015

Radio studies (free topic)

Radio studies (free topic)

Here are some sample topics, just for you to get a sense of topic inspiration:
On the Internet Archive website you will find recordings of Old Time Radio
1. drama, online at Listen to two or three episodes of a radio drama such as Lights Out (1934-1947), The Shadow (1930s), or CBS Radio Workshop (1956-57) and write and analyse about this example of radio drama
2. Record or listen to s podcast of an episode of a weekly show on CBC Radio 1 such as C?est la vie (a weekly program about French-speaking Canada), The Next Chapter (a weekly program about books), The House (a weekly program about politics in Canada), Quirks & Quarks (a weekly program about science) and compare it with an Internet podcast. There are some suggestions here: How is the radio program different from the podcast? What do you think makes a successful podcast?

4-6 scholarly sources please
and please use simple words instead of fancy diction

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