Posted: November 18th, 2015

Psychology of women

Psychology of women

Course Overview: This course provides an introduction to the psychological, cultural, social, and biological factors that influence the development of girls and women. Topics include feminism, history, research, intersectionality, gender identity, sexuality, physical and mental health, family, violence, education,

employment, and achievement.

Course Outcomes: Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will demonstrate basic knowledge of:

1. the diverse factors that influence the development of girls and women; 2. the social construction of gender; 3. the cultural representation of gender; 4. gender differences in social and economic power; 5. sexuality and reproduction 6. physical and mental health of women and girls; 7. violence against women and girls; 8. the intersection of family, work, education, and achievement for women.

Required Text “incase you need it”:

Etaugh, C.A. & Bridges, J.S. (2013). Women’s Lives: A Psychological Exploration, Third Edition. Boston:

Pearson Education, Inc.

The HW is:

Current Themes and Trends: Analysis & Reaction Paper

– students will peruse journals, magazines, internet sources, reports, and newspapers to select five items that reflect current trends or themes and also challenge, or increase, their understanding of the psychology of women.

After selecting the five, write a two-to-three page reaction and analysis of each. A print copy of the item

must accompany the written paper.

five items (2-3 page each)

total pages = 10 to 15

Can focus on one “topic” and write on different aspects

Can focus on five different topics

Support the item with copy of web page, link, abstract, article face page, book title, newspaper article, etc.

This is one article example you can use :

The Real Story of the von Trapp Family


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