Posted: April 7th, 2015

Psychology Communication Task

1. The “Psychology Communication Task” is an assignment dedicated to researching and integrating information on a controversial psychology topic and writing about this for a non-psychology readership in a real-life context.
2. Your job is to research the topic and write a report that answers the questions posed, or addresses the scenario, in a way that someone without a background in psychology could reasonably be expected to understand

3. To answer the questions, or address the scenario adequately, you will need to base what you say on research rather than simply give an opinion. Thus, as with the research project summary, you are expected to include references so that you comply with University rules regarding academic integrity. Again, as with the research project summary, you should be mindful of how references are used, and, in general, place them in brackets at the end of sentences. In many of the scenarios below you are asked to make suggestions/recommendations, or come up with initiatives; whatever you propose, it should be evidence-based and the evidence for it should be clearly outlined.

SCENARIO: You have been employed as a school psychologist by the Education Department. You normally spend your time conducting psychological and educational assessments of children. However, you have been assigned a special project by your area manager, who has asked you to develop an information session for parents on the effects of video-game and media violence on primary-school-aged children. In preparation for this session you need to review the literature to see what the current consensus is on the effect of media violence exposure on children. You need frame this review in plain English so that you can clearly communicate the literature to parents. In addition, you must figure specific recommendations to parents concerning what actions they should take in relation to this issue………………………

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