Posted: November 11th, 2015

Psychological Therapy Project One

Psychological Therapy Project One

People with psychological disorders are often depicted by the popular media. You can see people in movies, on television, on the news and elsewhere who are troubled for one reason or another.  Characters of songs or books often suffer from a psychological disorder of one kind or another.
Your assignment is to select a person or character that suffers from a psychological disorder from the news, a movie, television series, song, book, or any other popular media source.

Use the first few paragraphs of your report to introduce and describe the disorder you will discuss.  You should include:
a)    a description of the primary population affected by this disorder (gender, age, etc.),
b)    a description of the primary symptoms experienced by people who are diagnosed with this disorder,
c)     a description of factors contributing to this disorder (i.e., genetic predisposition, stressors, etc.), and
d)     a description of successful treatment of this disorder (therapy, medication, etc.).
Then introduce the person or character you wish to discuss and illustrate clearly with behavioral examples, why you feel this character suffers from the psychological disorder described.  Your description should map very closely onto the description of the disorder at the start of your paper.
Submit a 2-4 page, double-spaced, typed paper of your “disorder report”.  (Be sure to include a title page which should include your/my name, date, and the course name. If possible, pls. include  a picture of the character selected.  These pages are not part of the 2-4 pages required for this report.)


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