Posted: April 23rd, 2016

How to provide a proper summary response?

Getting Started

Paper 3: Summary Response

Initially, think about the articles that we have read so far in the class. Pick an article that interests you both for summarizing and responding. Brainstorm by jotting down the main points of the article and your response to the main points.

Note: You need to choose an article, not a section from the What Matters in America book. For instance, you could choose the article “As Bullies Go Digital, Parents Play Catch-up” by Jan Hoffman on page 30, but you could not choose the entire chapter 1, entitled, “Is the Internet Changing Our Social Lives?”.

Your summary response paper should be formatted in the following way: § Introduction (with strong thesis) § Summary (including the author and title of the article) § Multi-paragraph descriptive response

§ Conclusion (restating thesis and connecting to the introduction)

The summary should include the author and title of the article. It should also highlight the main points of the article within the summary paragraph. The summary should be limited to one paragraph, as the main portion of the paper should be response to the summarized information.

The descriptive response should be broken down into at least two paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that responds to a specific part of the summary. After the topic sentence, the paragraph should include more explanation about your response to the topic.

Keep in mind that your essay should begin with an introduction that includes a thesis statement; the thesis statement should include your topic and main points. Also, your paper should end with a conclusion that restates the thesis and analyzes what you want the reader to take from your essay.

Format and Length

Paper 1 must fit the following requirements: § Between 750-1000 words in length § Begin with an attention getter and strong thesis § Include supporting body paragraphs § End with a conclusion that restates the thesis and connects to the introduction

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