Posted: November 16th, 2015

Provide advanced facilitation practice

Provide advanced facilitation practice

Assessment Task 1.1
Make a list of the sources you could access to assist you to maintain your professional (vocational) currency. Include any professional associations, clubs or institutes you belong to or journals you subscribe to, plus any local trainer groups or organisational PD sessions you attend. Indicate which also offer professional development or industry information news.

Assessment Task 1.2
Think of an occasion where you had to think ‘outside the box’ in your facilitation practice. Describe in no more than three paragraphs: what the situation was (1 paragraph), what you did to allow the session to continue (1 paragraph) and, if it worked, whether you have done the same since. If it was not so successful, explain what you would do differently next time.

Assessment Task 1.3
You have been asked to help to prepare recently approved immigrants from Afghanistan to enter the workforce. You have been told that your group will all be men who have mechanical trade training behind them, and you are to provide them with an overview of how to work with customers in a local context. All of the men have limited English language skills. Research and identify the cultural difference and barriers to learning that you may find when dealing with these Afghani men.

Assessment Task 1.4
This is a reflective exercise. Describe a difficult learning environment that you have facilitated in. What exactly made the environment difficult, and what factors, if any, did you identify before you began?

Assessment Task 1.5
Research, identify and list three resources you could access that provide you with information on how to build or maintain engagement with disengaged learners.
Assessment Task 1.6
The government websites and portals to assist teachers, trainers and facilitators with learners with disabilities and learning difficulties are numerous and often changing. Using the internet, identify, list and briefly describe in one or two paragraphs how two of these national or local (to your area or state) organisations may be of benefit in helping you identify potential barriers for learners with disabilities or learning difficulties.
Assessment Task 1.7
Identify one of the activities or training aids/resources you currently employ in your training. Is it suitable to be presented in its current form to learners with vision impairment? If it is, write a couple of paragraphs describing how it would meet the learner’s needs. If it is not, modify the material or activity to suit these learners.

Answer the following questions thoroughly by providing full explanations and workplace examples where relevant. Note that your key action words are italicized for emphasis. Information to answer the underpinning knowledge questions may be located in other chapters of this book or in the further readings posted in this chapter.
1. Research and briefly explain (in one or two paragraphs):
a.    Behavioural learning theory
b.    Cognitive learning theory
c.    Information processing theory.

2. Identify and briefly outline one current area of research relating to adult learning.
3. Using a unit of competency that you have experience with as a basis, describe what changes you may make or incorporate in resources or into the deliver if it were to be delivered to learners with a physical coordination disability.
4. Explain how we can identify if there are limits to the extent to which we can contextualize Nationally Recognised Training Packages or Units to meet learners’ needs.
5. Identify and describe how you currently maintain professional currency. If you have not undertaken any professional currency activities in the past six months, describe two actions or activities you could undertake in the next three months to ensure currency of vocational knowledge.
6. List the entities (persons/organisations) you might need to consult with when delivering training in a correctional institution and describe what you would discuss with them.
7. Research, list and describe three delivery methods, or modifications to existing methods, you might employ for learners with low literacy levels undertaking a program you are familiar with.
8. Briefly describe how you would make adjustments to your delivery (changes in schedule, resources, what you would include/exclude) for an excessively humid learning environment.


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