Posted: May 28th, 2015

Project Management Application: Construction

Project Management Application: Construction

A contract for designing an iconic building in Madrid has been awarded to a famous London-based architect. The client is the Spanish government, and they are requiring a local engineer to provide the detailed design. In some respects this situation resembles that of the Arup Water Cube case study you analysed. The architect wants to keep their level of service at high standards, using a longstanding relationship with a London-based engineering firm.

Due to political demands, the project has to be delivered within a relatively short timeframe (fast-track project) with a generous budget. You are required to propose the most effective design team organisation. Suggest the most appropriate tender approach to maintain the delivery time at low cost and high quality to secure the most value to the client. Use the material studied in this week?s assignments as well as your own independent research to provide a detailed rationale for your recommendations. Identify approaches you considered and rejected and discuss the limitations of those approaches

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