Posted: April 4th, 2015

professional issues in paediatric nursing

professional issues in paediatric nursing

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number of sources can be more than 8. references not more than 5 yrs old. Australia measures and values please. i work in NSW so please ensure what you choose to write about meets Australian values and language especially New South Whales values, i want at least 450 to 520 words please.i might ask for adjustments if my Tutor gives feedback that needs adjusting. thanks here is just a copy of the essay question and please make sure you give the writer the rest of the other files needed for this essay that i will be sending via email, cause i am using my mobile phone for all this??????????????????????????Assessment 2 – Research question and abstract
In order to conduct a literature review, you must first identify a ‘burning issue/question’ that comes from your context of nursing practice. This issue may be inspired by a clinical problem, e.g. a concern that an aspect of paediatric nursing practice is not consistent with contemporary evidence; this could include a procedure, such as central venous access device (CVAD) dressing, or a problem, such as parental concerns regarding postoperative pain management in your ward, or it may be a professional issue, such as examining the success of your local preceptor program.
To assist you in the formation and presentation of your question, you will be required to utilise the PICO format; Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome (see 3.4 – theme 3), which you will submit with this assessment.

PICO format for developing a research question:


Define who or what the question is about, eg; age, gender, disease type, disease severity, or co-morbidity

Tip: describe a group of patients similar to yours


Define which intervention, test or exposure you are interested in;

o An intervention is a planned course of action.

o An exposure is something that happens such as a fall, anxiety, exposure to house dust mites, etc
Tip: describe what it is you are considering doing or what it is that has happened to the patient


Define the alternate intervention, if there is one

Tip: describe the alternative that can be compared with the intervention


Define the important outcomes, beneficial or harmful

Tip: define what you are hoping to achieve or avoid

It should include;
• An introduction presenting why the issue is important in your context of nursing
• What is currently known about the issue (in the literature)
• A synopis of the common themes found in your choice of literature (i.e.; themes discussed ‘in common’, or by all the articles)
• The findings from your preview of your chosen literature
• A conclusion that provides a brief answer to your question, and how this may impact nursing practice
2. Your research question , and the completed PICO table that you used to help format your question (see 3.4- theme 3)
3. A table of the key words utilised in your literature search (follow table 3.6 – theme 3)
4. A table of literature – presenting your 5 chosen articles, using the format provided in Appendix 2
Please note: Referencing for the abstract should be Vancouver style, this is the numbering system that links to the reference list at the bottom of the abstract (there are many examples on the internet). Your table of literature does not replace a reference list at the end of your abstract – this is because you may use additional references for your abstract, eg to explain background information, or to further expand the recommendations or relationship to nursing practice, so your abstract requires it’s own reference list.


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