Posted: April 8th, 2015

Professional Communication Practice;

COM10007 Professional Communication Practice;

Teaching Period 1, 2015
COM10007 Professional Communication Practice
Assessment 1: Blog-style summary Word limit: 1500 (+/- 10%) Weighting: 30% Due date: 9am AEST Monday 13 April 2015 (Week 6)
Assessment overview
The purpose of this assessment is to consolidate your learning of topics covered in Weeks 1 to 5 and to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your professional writing skills.
Assessment details
Choose two or three key concepts covered in weeks 1-5 and write a journalistic blog-style summary of what you have learned in Professional Communication Practice. This is an opportunity to expand on what you have written in your weekly blogs.
Readings, key concepts, your notes and wider reading should inform your writing. Consideration and application of peer and eLA feedback from discussion board activities should be evident.
The key concepts list appears in each week’s concepts/readings page.
You are required to submit this summary in a Word document, adhering to Harvard style referencing.
Assessment criteria
1. Evidence of examining two or three key concepts from Weeks 1-5. Understanding is extended via further research.
2. Evidence of thoughtful reflection and integration of feedback and content from discussion board posts.
3. An appropriate, yet creative, journalistic blog style which links experiences to content.
4. Clear communication, including the use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
5. Adherence to Harvard presentation and referencing.
Your work will be assessed using the marking guide on the following pages.
Important Note:
This assessment will be based on, yet separate to, your weekly blog entries in Blackboard.
You will be marked on this 1500 word blog/review exercise, not your weekly blogs.
Your blog entries on Blackboard are a place for you to practice, whereas this blog assessment will be more considered and it will be well supported by research.

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