Posted: April 11th, 2015

Identify and delineate an appropriate research question or problem pertaining to the common good

The paper focuses on american professional athletes and how they enhance the common good through charity. Some athletes have bad backgrounds some don’t. Some professional leagues require players to participate in their philanthropic efforts. What is analyzed is how effective professional athletes’ charity contributions are to the community. At some point in the paper you must explain what the common good is and how it relates to the topic. The sources must be credible or peer reviewed. please do not hesitate to call me anytime if you have any questions. Please site sources correctly within the paper as well.

the project should demonstrate that the student is making a significant contribution toward addressing a particular question, topic, or challenge related to the common good. These projects will be prepared with two general aims in mind: (1) demonstrating to the broader world how each St. Mary’s student is ready and eager to make a difference, and (2) empowering the students themselves to synthesize and put their knowledge, skills, and values to work in the service of humankind. Thus, showing how the research project is connected to the common good and vocation is of utmost importance.
The details and specific format of the project itself may differ from student to student. However, the format and scope of all projects will be subject to instructor approval, and each project will be expected to:
a. Identify and delineate an appropriate research question or problem pertaining to the common good.
b. Carefully select and justify a method or approach that is well suited to the research question, noting the limitations of the selected method or approach.
c. Effectively employ the selected method or approach in developing a response to the research question.
d. Thoroughly engage relevant sources significant to the research question.
e. Use clear, professional writing………………..

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