Posted: September 3rd, 2015

Pricing The Planet.

Pick one force or crucible of your choice and write a  report on one of the above topics as it applies to Globalization (MS Word, APA format, New Times Roman 11 font). The pros and the cons of each trend should be clearly explained. Tables and charts (from your additional research) are a good addition and that could make the report – longer by a page or so – yet no more than 5 pages max with tables, charts and references (otherwise 2-3 pages plus a reference page). Use additional research references for this homework.
Just copying the information from the above link will not get you points – it is your interpretation and additional research that would be reflected in your write up will get you better grades.
The structure of the report would be:
Introduce the trend and indicate why it is important to globalization.
Trend Analysis – Clearly explain the pros and the cons of the trend with at least one example for each.

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