Posted: May 8th, 2015

Press Release

Press Release

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A press release informing the public of my return to the company, along with a brief summary of what led to this event and the purpose and origin of my left your “baby,” Strategeries, in great hands as a nationally-known accounting and consulting firm while you went off to pursue other interests (a high-dollar speaker’s circuit, if you must know!).Unfortunately, the company you founded has been rocked by scandal that led to the arrest and conviction of your successor, Alex Grayson, and the dismissal of six members of the senior staff for multiple ethical violations. Surprisingly, the company’s fundamentals are still strong, even though its reputation has been badly damaged. Strategeries now has 27 offices throughout the country and the scandals have brought considerable public embarrassment, Federal investigations, and a massive public relations cave-in.
You have agreed to return to Strategeries as CEO, and your number-one priority is to reestablish a culture of trust, a high standard of ethics, and a positive public image. Employee morale is at an all-time low. Your “pioneers” are long gone. In fact, 75% of the current work force has never known you as the president of the company. Some people mistrust you simply for showing up.

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