Posted: November 2nd, 2015

Prepare a design for a web based drag and drop game

Prepare a design for a web based drag and drop game

The game should extend or reinforce the children’s learning after attending one of

the following sessions delivered by Luton Culture:

Prehistory Stone Age to Iron Age

Prehistory Hunter to Farmer

Luton Through Time

You should
Conduct some competitor research identifying other web based drag and drop games

for the same target age group
Create a paper prototype mocking up the sequence of events that occur when a user

plays the game. You will need to video record a user doing this using think-aloud

protocol (follow the steps in the practical session, week 23 and refer to the

lecture slides for further guidance).
Create a set of screen mockups (done in Photoshop) that use the corporate identity

of the client.
Complete a usability heuristic checklist to determine if any usability

improvements need to be made to your game design (refer to the practical notes and

lecture from week 20 for more information).

a zip file containing:

a video (which can be shot on a phone camera or any digital camera available)

showing the think aloud test.
a set of at least three screen mockups (in Photoshop) showing how the main game

drag and drop screen, the main menu and the level select screens will look

a report containing
at least 300 words of discussion detailing the competitor research done (including

screenshots of the competitor games analysed) and describing the features of the

games that you looked at that helped you to come up with your own design.
A Completed usability heuristic that shows you have analysed your proposed game

for usability,
At least 300 words of discussion on the usability of the proposed design what does

the usability heuristic tell you about your design?


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