Posted: August 30th, 2016

The predictably highest point of public support for a president is?

Which body of the Congress is constitutionally charged with confirming federal judicial appointments?
A) Neither
B) Both
C) The Senate
D) The House
What was the spoils system prominent in the mid to late 19th century based on?
A) Nothing
B) Merit
C) Service
D) Patronage
A concurring opinion
A) explains the chief justice s position on a case.
B) is delivered when a justice decides the same way on a case as the majority, but has a different reason for reaching that decision.
C) is delivered when the Court interprets a constitutional issue.
D) is delivered when at least two justices, but less than a majority, hold the same opinion in a case.
The predictably highest point of public support for a president is
A) during the president s first year in office.
B) after reelection to a second term.
C) immediately after Congress enacts a major presidential initiative.
D) when international conditions are stable.

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