Posted: November 4th, 2016

Pre-Islamic Arabia and Islam

ECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Length: The essay should not be more than 2,500 or less than 2000 words, one-sided pages Fonts and Spaces: Use the font Times New Roman, 12 pt. and double space paragraph.. Documentation of References: Bibliography: Books and Articles in books and periodicals: Follow one style in stating your bibliography and references i.e. be consistent. Regardless of the style you are using, pay attention to the following:  Your bibliography should be arranged alphabetically.  The first letter of each word of the title, except for prepositions, conjunctions and articles should be capitalized.  Titles of articles should be in double quotation marks.  Titles of books should be in italics or underlined depending on the style you are using.  Internet: Smith, Michael. “The Society”.  Footnotes: first then second name of the writer DIFFERENT FROM BIBLIOGRAPHY, Arrange it as follows. The Title of the Book. (Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication), page.  Transliteration: You can get the transliteration fonts you need from symbols. 2 Academic Integrity: Make sure to follow all the rules of academic integrity. “Student Academic Integrity Code” stated in the 2014-15 catalogue & on the syllabus is to be followed strictly. Among the most important rules are: Dmith believes that …,  Choose any topic on any of the following fields in the period of your course i.e. the classical period, (7 th -14th AD. centuries). Your essay could be also about a famous figure in these fields. 1) Pre-Islamic Arabia and Islam 2) Religion 3) History 4) Philosophy 5) Science 6) Literature Topics could be on famous figures who contributed to the development of these fields. You should get my approval of your topic before you begin your research. Your paper should not be on the sa

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