Posted: April 24th, 2016

A potential obstacle to conversion to a lean system is?

73. A potential obstacle to conversion to a lean system is:
A. lack of management commitment
B. lack of worker cooperation
C. supplier resistance
D. all of the above
E. insufficient space to store the increased inventories
74. A system of lights used at each workstation to signal problems or slowdowns is:
A. command and control center
B. automation
C. andon
D. pull system
E. kanban
75. Which of the following contributes to the competitive advantage enjoyed by firms using lean production?
A. Backup employees to cover for absenteeism
B. 100% inspection to remove defects
C. Dedicated equipment to reduce unit costs
D. Safety stocks to prevent stock-outs
E. Greater flexibility to cope with change
76. An operations strategy reflecting the lean philosophy of production should recognize that lean:
A. is most suited for non-repetitive manufacturing
B. cannot be implemented sequentially
C. requires a wholesale commitment from the outset
D. may provide a competitive advantage
E. all of the above
77. With regard to suppliers, lean systems typically involve:
A. delivery of large lots on short notice
B. the highest quality at the lowest price
C. long-term relationships
D. multiple suppliers to assure continuous availability
E. dedicated staging areas for material
78. A common objective of both MRP and the lean philosophy is to:
A. smooth production
B. minimize inventory
C. obtain high quality
D. reduce overhead
E. eliminate inventory
79. The ultimate objective in a lean system is:
A. low to moderate levels of inventory
B. high quality, zero defects
C. minimal waste (less than 6%)
D. balanced and rapid flow
E. all of the above
80. The All Seasonings Company uses 3,200 glass jars at one of its jar-filling workstations each eight hours of production. The cycle time for a standard container, which holds 90 jars, averages 45 minutes. If management uses an efficiency factor of twenty percent, how many containers should be used?
4 containers

Feedback: Given D = 3200/8 = 400 jars per hour
T = 45/60 = .75 hour
X = .20
C = 90 jars

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