Posted: August 30th, 2015

position statement critique.

Framework to include in the essay… but Please use as a guide. the essay needs to be written to reflect the marking criteria requirements.

1. Is the position statement structured? Does it have an introduction and a conclusion that clearly states the position?
2. Does the position statement relate to the topic?
3. Does the position statement demonstrate adequately the links to the National
Competency Standards for Registered Nurse?
4. Are the references used to support the position statement current and credible (i.e.
evidence), why or why not?
5. Do you think the author eliminated any important information (i.e. evidence) in
stating their position? If so, please refer to these evidence sources in your critique.
6. Remember when giving feedback it must be constructive regardless of whether it is
positive or negative feedback.

Specific requirements according to the marking criteria:
1. Thoroughly critiques the content and Insightfully analyse the position taken. Identify inconsistences (if any) within the position

Analyse assumptions in relation to NMBA competencies for clinical practice, discriminates using reasonable judgment, provides some information in support of position or offers alternative view

Provide some evidence in support of the position statement or provide clarifying evidence if required in support of alternative views. Some evidence is from credible sources
Accurate use of APA referencing style on most occasions. A range of in-text citations has been used.

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