Posted: May 20th, 2015

Portfolio- edction in health care practice

Portfolio- edction in health care practice

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Assessment Task 3: Portfolio 3600 WORDS
Details of task:
The portfolio will include the following three components prefer to your teaching practicum ( see the uploaded file :
1. Session Content & Plan (justification) 1000 words
This component requires you to provide a detailed outline of the content covered in the teaching session. You need to demonstrate: the relationship between the (learning objectives, content covered in the session and teaching / learning strategies)
2. Assessment of Learning and Teaching (justification) 1000 words
This component requires you to provide (a description and rationale for the approach take to measure learning outcomes and teaching performance).
3. Fieldwork Report (reflection) 1600 words
This component requires you to provide a reflection on your teaching practicum using a recognised framework for reflection (GIBBES FARM WORK SEE THE UPLODED FILE WIHT INFORMATION MAY NEED). You will need to include the following in your reflection:
– describe how you feel the session went including content and content delivery
– Description of your audience including profile and engagement
-detail on the audio-visual aids used and effectiveness. Attach teaching aids
– Evaluation of your own performance including identification of areas for improvement (what did you do well? What would you do better next time? )
– If you utilise a formal evaluation tool, you can also include the feedback from this. Attach evaluation tool in Appendix.
– Description of environmental considerations
– use the word ( i) in reflection

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