Posted: September 23rd, 2016

Please note � as a social worker or human service worker, you are not being asked to make a psychiatric diagnosis

Assessment #1 ­ Case study Assignment 1 � Choose only one case study from the three provided in the Assessment Guide on the course website. This assignment requires you to describe the key factors you would take into account in making a social work assessment and in planning for case management with the client. You are not being asked to present a plan ­ only to identify the key factors to be considered in light of the academic literature on the mental health problems presented in the case. You are asked to draw on a recovery­oriented approach to mental health assessment and case management in social work as outlined in the course text book, Bland, Renouf and Tullgren (2015). This should include the following: 1. A brief explanation of a recovery­oriented approach to assessment and case management in mental health social work ­ what is distinctive about these? 2. The key factors in this case that should be taken into account in undertaking a recovery­oriented assessment and planning for case management, drawing on the relevant life domains outlined in the text book (i.e. you are not being asked to refer to all 12 domains but those that are most relevant to the case). This will include discussion of existing mental health research literature relevant to the case. For example, in the case of Justine, you could outline what is known about the effects of racism on mental health, the effects of sexual abuse on mental health and how this knowledge might further enhance understanding of Justine�s situation. Again, you are not being asked to present a case management plan but to speak to the factors you would consider in planning for case management; 3. The social work theory or theories that would also guide your approach to assessment and case management with this client and why (e.g. strengths approach, empowerment approach, feminist social work approach); 4. Potential ethical and legal implications of the case ­ this can be brief ­ refer to the text book chapter on legal aspects of mental health and the AASW code of ethics. Chapters 6 & 7 of the course text are a good place to start for this assignment. The case study assignment can be presented in the format of a report, and you can use the above dot points as headings. However, you need to draw on the relevant mental health and social work literature throughout. Please note � as a social worker or human service worker, you are not being asked to make a psychiatric diagnosis. You can nevertheless comment on the condition(s) you think are likely based on your reading of the literature and the implications for practice.

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