Posted: May 24th, 2015

Planning and Evaluating Health Services

Planning and Evaluating Health Services

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Assessment task 3: Evaluation of a Health Services Plan
Intent: This assessment item focusses on how to evaluate a health service plan.?NB You are not expected to undertake the evaluation, but merely to describe how the plan should be evaluated.
Objective(s): Thisassessmenttaskaddressessubjectlearningobjective(s):
A, C and D
This assessment task contributes to the development of graduate attribute(s): 1.1, 1.2, 3.1 and 3.2
Weight: 20%?Due: 10.00pm Friday 29 May 2015
Length: 1000 words (report style)
Task: 1. Select a health service plan from your local health network/district or healthcare organisation, or alternatively access the NSW Renal Dialysis Service Plan to 2011 or the Radiotherapy Service in NSW Strategic Plan to 2016 provided at UTSOnline.
2. Read the health service plan and material on expected implementation of the plan, where available.
3. Outline an evaluation strategy which could be used in 3-5 years to evaluate the plan and its implementation, ensuring you are clear about what aspects of the plan can be evaluated in this timeframe.
The evaluation strategy should include:
the importance of evaluation in the health service planning cycle, supported by current literature an evaluability assessment?an indication of whether process, impact, and/or outcome evaluation/s are proposed, and the information required which addresses each component.
4. Demonstrate coherence and balance of information and present the information via headings that clearly identify the linkage between the literature, the chosen plan and the evaluation strategy.
5. Demonstrate consideration for the cost and feasibility of your suggested information collection methodology for the evaluation.
6. Ensure all tables, graphs, and diagrams are clearly labelled, are referred to in the text prior to their appearance, and are accompanied with some explanatory information.
Criteria: 15% Formulates a clearly supported argument of the importance of evaluation in the health service planning cycle
15% Considers the steps and stages in evaluating a health service plan 20% Explains approaches to process, impact and outcome evaluation 20% Constructs an appropriate evaluability assessment?10% Formulates a clear and logical approach to the evaluation
10% Validates perspectives through correct interpretation and explicit linkage of relevant and current literature (> year 2004) to the assessment focus?10% Produces correct grammar, spelling, formatting, style (report), and referencing
Subject objectives
Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
A. Consider the principles and components of planning when devising or evaluating a healthcare program,
C. Determine the major theoretical issues and frameworks that underpin health services planning and evaluation, including facilitating and constraining factors;
D. Create a variety of ways in which complex issues can be effectively communicated for a variety of target audiences.
This subject also contributes specifically to the following graduate attributes:?Critique, interpret and synthesise data and research findings to develop safe, effective and evidence-based solutions to healthcare challenges. (1.1)
Propose relevant problem solving and human factors theories to the analysis of common issues inherent in the management and evaluation of healthcare services . (1.2)
Create and lead social and ethical accountability to enable efficient use of resources and equity of access to optimal and safe health care. (3.1)
Validate the importance of integrating stakeholder partnerships in all healthcare decision making activities. (3.2)

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