Posted: August 18th, 2015

Planned vs unplanned change Change models Metaphors

Planned vs unplanned change Change models Metaphors

Part 2

Reactions to change Psychological ownership in the organisation and resistance to change Cynicism Organisational silence

Part 3

Creating readiness Managing trigger events Transition theory


Step 1

Make a start by reading the text chapters and articles pertaining to Weeks 1-3 (Welcome and Unit Overview; The Need for Change & Reactions to Change; Receptivity for Change) in your Unit Schedule.

Step 2

Write an introduction to your essay which includes a brief outline of the structure of the essay at the end of it.

Step 3

Discuss the 3 topics in Step 1 cross referencing to a minimum of 9 of the provided sources (at least 3 for each of the 3 weeks) but with a slant towards material that will be useful to you when you write up your CV.

Step 4

Produce your CV highlighting how you have applied what you wrote in Step 3 above to your essay. In short you will be demonstrating in your CV how you can be flexible, handle change and initiate change. Don’t ask me or your tutor how to do this, use your own imagination.

Step 5

Write an insightful conclusion that ties everything together.

(1) Recognise the issues, problems and opportunities arising from organisational change; and

(2) Demonstrate an understanding of various change theories, models and frameworks, their relevant foundations and strengths and weaknesses.

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