Posted: April 3rd, 2015

: Philosophy of Ageing.

Case Study 1: Philosophy of Ageing.

Aim: To reflect on your personal and developing professional values and beliefs associated with ageing. To understand and reflect on the notion of ageing and the transition as a natural part of life. To monitor and evaluate different clients journeys to senescence.  Concepts: Values and beliefs, personal and professional philosophy, ethics and culture, theories of ageing.
Case Study: You are a first year student in a Bachelor of Nursing degree program. You are commencing your first clinical placement in a subacute rehabilitation unit in a large metropolitan hospital.
During a morning shift, Jim, who is 78 years old, of Italian origin and comes from a family of market gardeners, becomes agitated about his inability to walk unassisted following a fall in his garden 10 days ago leading to a repair of his fractured hip. He is aggressive when you approach him about attending his mobility program, and refuses to eat or take his medications, saying ‘don’t do anything for me’. Jim was diagnosed with osteoarthritis five years ago and at times has difficulties with constipation and reduced appetite. He describes himself as ‘full of aches and pains’, ‘ready for the scrap heap’ and his future is ‘grim’ as he can no longer tend to his beloved garden or provide for his extended family. When Jim’s wife and two sons arrive with his favourite food they become distressed by Jim’s actions saying they ‘just want him to be his old self’ and ‘to maintain his important role as a well-respected older person in their large family and social network’. Jim’s sons, who have started to adapt the garden to accommodate his changing abilities, approach you about his deteriorating situation.
You note from the morning’s handover that Jim is described as struggling with his functional capacities and becoming very emotional. You explore his psychosocial history and geriatric assessment with your clinical mentor.
Read and reflect on the case study and address the following questions:
1.    In developing a personal and professional philosophy of ageing, outline your most frequently held assumptions about how people age.
2.    As a student preparing for nursing/health practice what do you see as the main ethical and cultural considerations in relation to Jim’s situation? How does this relate to a holistic approach to care?
3.    In the context of theories of ageing presented in this course and your readings what are the two (2) perspectives presented by Jim and his Family? What is the nurse’s / health practitioner’s role in this situation?
4.    What do you feel is an appropriate response to Jim and his family?

7941NRS Challenges in Ageing

Assignment 1 Case Study
Philosophy of Ageing – Feedback

Assignment 1 Criteria    U    S    G    V    E
Comprehension: Demonstrates a sound understanding the case study (10%)
•    Shows a sound knowledge of the key issues/concepts relevant to case study
Analysis and argument:  Provides a well-developed argument supported by an informed examination of relevant literature (20%)
•    Outlines personal and developing professional values and beliefs about ageing
•    Applies ethical and cultural considerations to the case study
•    Applies relevant theories of ageing to the case study
•     Reflects upon an appropriate practice response to the client and family
Demonstrates a satisfactory literacy standard (2.5%)
•    Uses correct spelling, grammar and non-sexist language
Scholarly presentation of the essay (2.5%)
•    Well-constructed responses to the reflective questions
•    Correct use of APA (6th edition) for in-text referencing and reference list

Comments/ Mark (  /35)

Select one (1) case study from the list provided below. Research the case study and answer the reflective questions. The attached files above provide you with a detailed guide to your selected Case Study including the aims, an outline of the case and a range of reflective questions. The attachment also includes a detailed marking guide for your chosen case study.

Case Studies
Choose one (1) of the following cases.
Each case has been adapted to fit with the weekly learning activities for this course. Submission dates correspond with the learning/ study plan for the course and meet the broad objectives for the course. You will note a page number reference to the set text Moyle et al. 2014. The original source/ chapters in which the case studies are situated can be found in your set text. You are advised to review the relevant set text chapter(s) in detail in conjunction with the attached case study outline and marking guide.
The cases are as follows:

• Philosophy of ageing (Moyle et al., p.14)
• Multidimensional functional assessment (Moyle et al., p.29)
• Models of practice: strengths-based (Moyle et al., p.44)
• Professional knowledge, skills and attitudes (Moyle et al., p. 62)

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